Websites, Graphic Design and Social Media for Columbus Dayton Cincinnati Ohio and Charlotte NC
Websites, Graphic Design and Social Media for Columbus Dayton Cincinnati Ohio and Charlotte NC

Graphic Design Gallery

Just a few of many examples of my Graphic Design work over the years. View FULL SCREEN to see larger images (or turn your phone sideways).

A Plethora of Projects

Facebook Posts

There's more than just popping an image and some words onto a Facebook Page. A bit of thought, research and the right eye-catching images are what's needed. Plus some advertising to back it up. Monitoring the ads to ensure the proper cost per delivery is key to competitive success and a successful campaign.

Restaurant Menus

Great design and connections with great photographers (and the patience to get the job done right). My menus SELL. Next to me is The Food Lover's Companion, the ultimate guide to everything food. Unlike so many these days, Unlike so many these days, I know how to use an apostrophe.

Promotional Flyers

For in-house, event marketing and direct mail, promotional flyers make a quick impact that goes home with the customer. I search for the lowest cost and best product for my clients among various printers. Allow me to create something unique for you without breaking the budget.

Print Advertising

Black and white, color, newspapers, magazines and more. I've crafted literally hundreds of print ads with a purpose. Not every designer is savvy enough to know how placement rules the print world, I'll request that yours has the best possible exposure.

Neon Signs?

Yeah, I've done that, too. You'll have to ask me about it ;)

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