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Professionally Managed Social Media


Seriously the best advertising platform. Ever.

I see it constantly: companies hire someone to place post after post on their Facebook pages, but they don't get noticed. Reason? They are not being promoted. All that money spent to create those posts is simply money poured down the drain.


Facebook has evolved over the years, and recently made it necessary for businesses to spend money advertising those posts – which is fine, they need to make money somehow. The mistake most people make is to use that "Boost Post" button and not consider the audience they need to target.

Don't hit that button!

Facebook is counting on you to attempt your own marketing by putting this button on every post. DON'T! Honing in on the right audience is key to successful Facebook and Instagram marketing (Facebook owns Instagram). Over the years, I've learned quite a bit about using these tools for success, and have clients that will agree their sales increase when I am on the job. One client is now seeing a 1000% increase in retail sales. Yes, you read correctly: a tenfold increase in Saturday sales alone. More than even I expected.


I can't promise results so staggering for everybody, but I will say that having an expert on your side sets you apart from the competition. I want you to be more than happy to pay my invoices when they arrive.


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